Activator is one of the most important ingredients in the Water Transfer Printing process so get it wrong and no matter what your setup or experience you will get poor and inconsistent results.

Here at Hydrographics Warehouse having tried many Activators we supply what we consider to be the two best Activators money can buy. Firstly from WT-Direct GmbH. WT-Direct activator glasses over easily and is fantastic for carbon films and many of the films you will come across. Particularly easy to read and use for the less experienced. It is a fast acting formula that works on all films we have tried. WT-Direct Activator has a loyal fan base and is still a very good and popular activator.

The Mighty HydroVator has amazed the Industry with its slower acting long stable dipping window and fantastic colour retention. This is the activator that has built the reputation of the most well-known dippers in both the UK and the US.

As an OFFICAL importer and Distributor of this EXPRESS CHEM formula we are able to pass-on bulk savings. Is it any wonder that HydroVator is the most popular activator in Hydrographics. There is not another product on the market that will do what it does consistently on as many films.

Data sheets are available to download on the "Data Sheets" menu tab.


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400Ml Hydrovator Aerosol
Price £90.00


400Ml Hydrovator Aerosol

Price £18.00



5L Hydrovator
Price £72.00


5L Hydrovator

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