We have been working with a paint supplier to come up with our own range of base colours specifically for Water Transfer Printing.

How do they differ from standard paints?

Our base coats are rich in colour and are designed to need no scotch padding or rubbing down before dipping and lacquering while promoting maximum print adhesion from film to painted surface.

Our Aerosols are designed for professional and hobby dipper alike for times when it’s just not economical to mix paint and go through the process of cleaning your paint gun for a small job.

Our base coats are complimented with our acrylic automotive lacquers in both matt and gloss and a choice of primers.

If there are other colours you would like to see then please contact us.

We hope to be adding to our paint range with a choice of spray gun paints later in the year.


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Clear Base Coat ( Intercoat  )
Price £22.00


Clear Base Coat ( Intercoat )

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