General Returns Policy

Due to our Film Products being extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity with a shelf life dependent on the correct storage conditions, we are unable to except returns unless the product is returned within 7 days of receipt with the entire purchased length unopened in its original sealed packaging.

It is the buyers responsibility to pay the cost of return.

Return Of Faulty Goods Policy

Achieving repeatable perfect results with Water Transfer Printing is a difficult task due to the many deciding factors of the process being correct.

Some of such factors being: Equipment and set up, Water Temperature, Soak Time, Activator application of both volume and atomisation, Dipping angle, The paint type and Skill of the operator doing the dipping.

The process can also be affected by contaminated water (old water that has become saturated with activator or other foreign matter), contaminated airlines (allowing water or oil to enter the process due to lack of drying or filtration), poor quality activator (the use of home-made or purchased off Ebay cheap formulas) If a supplier cannot tell you the origin of their Activator or has no data sheet then find another supplier and steer clear of the activator. Due to the price of Genuine Industry developed activator being quite expensive, buying cheap activator is the pitfall of many. It really isn’t worth it when you consider the price of film and how already difficult the process is.

Please consider these factors before returning material to us as faulty.

If in doubt, contact us first. We may be able to sort your problem out very easily

Because of the factors mentioned above, any material returned as faulty will not be replaced or refunded until we have received the material back and carried out our own tests and have confirmed that the material is faulty.

We request when returning goods, you contact us first for a returns number. This number will be your unique reference so we can process your returns as fast as possible. You will need to quote this number for any future correspondence with relation to your return.

If you could accompany any returns with a covering letter giving us as much detail about your setup, equipment and technique along with any relevant paint and activator information, it will help us identify or rule out any issues quickly...

While we are only too happy to replace or refund faulty material, we cannot accept returns on the basis that some people are unable to grasp the many variables needed in order to perfect the process and therefore deem the material to be faulty.

It is the buyers responsibility to pay the cost of return.

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