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Kustom Dips Uk Posted 20-Oct-2013 09:45


Hi all im about to start a pro tank build as iv come a bit and think a bucket dont cut it anymore. 
Iv been offered by a pal to weld it all up but the question is does ali make any difference to been used as the price of ss is expensive so thought using ali would help keep the build costs down. We worked out the size i want which is 1500x750x750 would cost aroud 200 quid all done and welded. Ok the dip area will only be 1100 as the dam wall and dirty water tank is 400. Cant find anything on the net regarding which metal to use. 
Any help would be great on that front.
plumbing the pipes and electrics etc is all sorted as thats my day job so have most of it in my van its the tank which is giving me a head ache

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Hydro-H Posted 24-Oct-2013 09:41


The main problem with this is unless it is a high grade corrosion resistant aluminium the chlorine in the water with corrode the aluminum .
This would years and years to corrode through so not a problem in itself but the by product of the corrosion is a build up of white crystals that can block pumps and pipes.
I have read that filtering the tank water through active charcoal prevents this but cannot confirm it to be true.
Other than that, there is no reason why it wouldn't work the same as a stainless steel tank .

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