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Hydro-H Posted 10-Dec-2013 09:54


This months FAST FORD magazine features a double page spread on Hydrogrpahics and is well worth a read.
The Usual high standard of work by Aquagraphix scores another big win for the UK Hydrographix scene.
As said in the article we would certainly back up their statement, if you want a PRO finish see a professional but for those of you DIYers out there, of which there are plenty who would like to know what it's all about and fancy a go, then email us at . We will be giving away one free can of activator to all readers of FAST FORD in the UK with every purchase over £35 excluding carriage charges.
To get your free activator with your purchase, simply start your email with the page number that the Hydrographics article starts on to : and tell us which film you would like to order and we will send you an invoice to your email address. Just follow the link and pay by PayPal, Credit or Debit card and your film and FREE activator will be delivered by courier with your film ( please remember to send it to a UK address where there will be someone there to sign for your parcel ) .

For the hobbyist with some refinishing skills , you could expect to dip some small parts like interior trim, games controller shells or a set of wing mirrors with practice but please do not expect to buy a kit of aerosols and be able to dip your wheels, motorcycle tank and large panels.
There are some helpful video in our video section and we are only an email away if you need advice


Please remember, this time of year you will need somewhere warm but well ventilated to do your dipping . Also gloves and a suitable respirator are essential when using paints and activator.
For activator Data sheet please see the WT-Direct sheet in our Data sheet section

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