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Hydro-H Posted 02-Mar-2014 17:35


During the next few days there will be some operational changes Hydrographics Warehouse.The first being that Hydrographics Warehouse will become a trading name of HGW Custom Finishes Ltd.While still using  Hydrographics Warehouse on the web, The plan is that HGW Custom Finishes Ltd will open a trade counter later in the year adding some new products to our line up. We can't tell you too much more at the moment but will keep you informed as things progress.We have been promising for some time to supply tanks but the delay has come about in finding machinery that is CE certified to sell within UK and European market We have at last secured a supplier who's tanks comes with an independent CE certified inspection certificate so we will be importing the first samples over in march with the with the first tanks being available in April.If they are everything we expect them to be then we will have them readily available this year.The next change to tell you about is VAT registration.We have registered for VAT and are awaiting a number to be issued but this is imminent and should happen in the first week of March.Due to many of our customers in the early stages of their business we have decided to take the hit on the majority of VAT so our customers will notice very little change in our prices on the majority of films but for those of you that are VAT registered of which I know we have many customers also, this means our products have just become considerably cheaper for you allowing you to claim back back the VAT on goods purchased from us.We are also aware that we have neglected our Facebook Page and have been very slow in responding to some messages sent via this method.We plan to add the rest of our film catalogue to facebook in the coming weeks and start to run some competitions.BUT as always....The best way to get a quick response is still via "  "We are excited about the coming year and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their custom and support.Kind regardsTerry and Hannah

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