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Kris.kollen Posted 06-Apr-2014 23:23


Hi Guys, 

I am new in the dipping industrie and i was wondering myself if i did not make a mistake buying some cheap Chinese films, they are really awkward they also are the first film i am buying so i dont know. The chinese also gave me the formula for the activator and i dont know if that one is right. i mix all the chemical i tried and tried to dip so  but the result was not great and some film for me are poor quality i place the film on the water i dont have the time to spray the activator and it s already stat to disolved and craking on the top of the water when i spay it, it is stay hard i have no idea if im doing something wrong but for me that particular film is bad. 

did you guys already got that kind of problems ? any advises maybe?

Thank you for you help i will try to take some pic to show you what this particular film is doing in the next few days. 


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