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Choccy Posted 11-Jan-2015 17:33


Hi all,
Just set up and started printing in Portsmouth.
I spent a lot of time researching tanks,guns films etc before making any purchases.
Really happy with my set up and how things are going.
Nice big 2.6m tank,full Nederman extraction system,paint room,Full range of Devillbliss guns,new compressor,Dropout filters,films,paints and a lot of paints.
Ive only managed to spend £8000 so far!!!
Ive had a succesful start so far with a few minor hiccups on the first few dips.
I dipped a Vespa headset which i deem to be  quite a difficult shape...good first time hit with a stickerbomb pattern.
Lots of small bits lined up for customers.....bring it on.

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