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Clb Posted 27-Jul-2015 22:23


Thought this should be a matter of public record. We purchased a carbon dipz stainless tank at the beginning of 2014 through finishworx (finishworx haven't been reselling them since may 2014) , our first issue was with the controller which finishworx replaced with one of their own as it was deemed the original one was unreliable by design (the new one has never failed). That's not our real issue though. The real issue (which everyone should be aware of) is that the carbon dipz so called stainless steel dip tanks are manufactured using the lowest grade stainless steel available (most uk stockists refer to it as polished steel) 

They have also been welded using mild steel welding wire or rods, now given that these tanks are full of water what do you suppose a mild steel weld is going to do, yep you guessed it , rust through and fail. In our case quite spectacularly depositing the entire contents of the tanks through our custom built (and reinforced) mez floor - through our suspended ceiling and into our workshop below (after passing through several boxes of stock) and flooding our shop.  

Carbon dipz have been completely useless and to be honest obnoxious in the way they haven't handled it. Yes - I say haven't handled it because despite repeated requests for copies of insurance, proof and certificates of competence for the person who Carbon Dipz instructed to do the repair work nothing was confirmed not even the name of the company he was going to use. It would seem Mark @ Carbon Dipz didn't know the name of the company just that he had done work for walker crips ect.  

We felt we had no choice but to get the work completed in a safe and more importantly insurance covered manor to a professional standard at a cost of nearly £500.  I am also told that there have been at least 3 other tanks that have failed on the welds so this is not an isolated incident. Despite carbon dipz stating that their tank are supplied by someone else now they have an uncanny resemblance of the ones they have been selling all along ( i suspect they are one and the same).

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