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Paul Sheldon Posted 01-Nov-2015 17:45


IM after help and advice please
im new to hydro graphing, i work out of a home made tank which is a converted filtration tank from my local Aquatic centre, works very well approx 900 by 900 it has a built in gutter and two heating elements bring water temp up to desired temperature very quickly and then shut off on the built in thermostat 
I use homemade activator using a recipe from a guy in tasmania and on the whole seems to work well as I have used it on alot of other parts with no problems

Im using a film called Blue Iced Skulls its a very heavy ink probably more suited to be used by the more experienced hydro grapher But i must admit I love the film

My issue is im mid way through customising my Suzuki gsr 600 r k8 motorcycle using this film ive done fenders, consoles registration plate holder, indicators, exhaust manifold covers side panels some really tricky stuff. Wish I could say I managed to do them first time around but NOOOOOOO  lol

This is my issue its happened a few times now when I have dipped my part I swirl it round under the water to bring the temp down and then remove ,,All looks good but wow the film seems to melt through the under coat to the plastic primer goes really sticky ??

Im using the same plastic prima and under coat that I have used to cover the other parts I do a test spray on a card to make sure that I get a cats eye spray 

Can anyone give me an idea on what I am doing wrong please

Im 90% sure my issue is the prima and undercoat cause straight after I had this problem I used a speed shape and it went on ok with no issues but any tips would be greatly appreciated please

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