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Dna Posted 12-Dec-2015 15:28


hi, there are many of us making tanks but one thing i wouldnt cut corners on is the electrics of the tank panel (control box) i have found some at a great price. these are the specs.

British made Hydrographic tank control panel

High quality control panel manufacture, made in the uk and meets British standard.This control panel is a universal fit that will be suitable for any shape and size hydrographic dipping tank, dual heating compatible as standard.Auto temperature control to ensure no time is wasted at the beginning of your working day.Description / specification - ip66 enclosure ( splash protection )- All components CE approved- Temperature sensor display mounted on front of panel to show real time tank temperature, with adjustable set point.- Isolator handle mounted in front of the door for easy isolation.- 2 position ON/OFF switches for heater, recirculating pump and and washer pump.- Green led lights to identify when components are running.- 5 meter lead with 230vac plug.- Rated at 32Amps.- Connection drawings for easy installation.- Full function test documentation.- safety sensor installed in control panel to avoid door being left open while spraying.Dimensions:400(W) X 400(H) X 200(D)Suitable for :- 220-230vac supply- 220-230vac heater- 220-230vac pumps Please specify pump and heater that is going to be installed with this control panel so we can get the correct rated protection device.If you would like your control panel to do anything additional to the above please message me and I will advice any additional cost.Pricing:Single heater control panel : £550If you prefer Foot switch for washing pump: additional £50Delivery anywhere in the UK: £20Delivery outside the UK: contact ***************

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