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Gnarlydingo Posted 26-Apr-2017 10:44


Hi guys,

I'm really hoping someone can help me here,

I tried my first dip last night, practiced on a few objects to get the feel for it. 

I had a look at my hard work this morning and it now has bubbles everywhere... it wasn't like this when I dipped it. No bubbles under the film.

My step by step involved the following.

Filled container with water, warm, not an exact temperature..

Cut enough film to cover what I wanted, used masking tape around the edges and cut 'slits' around it to allow it to expand.

Carefully placed film onto water and waited around 60 seconds for it to smooth out.

Applied applicator in a sweeping side to side motion and up and down.

Film went glass like and I lowered my object in at 40° angle very slowly. 

It came out very well and super pleased with how it looked.

Rested it down on a board and left over night.

This morning half of my dip has bubbles in it and half of it is still perfect.

Did I miss out a crucial part?

I have included pictures.

Please help!



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Mk Hydro Dipping Posted 24-Feb-2018 16:42


hi did you get this sorted as im having similar problems

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