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Dos & Don'ts - 1st October 2012

The Hydrographics Warehouse Forum is for all the members of the family and all ages, please keep this at the back of your mind at all times when using the forums. 

To post you must register and your email needs to be validated; customer emails will be validated as part of the checkout process, other visitors will need to click on a link sent to their email address to validate their email.

Failure to comply with the Rules will cause the “trusted user” status to be removed, repeat offenders will be banned. 

  • Do review the topic list before you post and use a topic that already exists if there is a relevant one, rather than starting a new one. 
  • Do use the “Report Abuse” link, that is present on every post, if you think that a moderator needs to check the post for any reason. 
  • Do be patient with other forum members. Even if someone posts in a way that annoys you, please remain polite and balanced in any response. 
  • Do (please) post in English; posts in other languages may be removed. 
  • Do keep your signatures brief and avoid anything that might annoy others. 
  • Do use the "Forum Questions" if you have any questions about these Rules. 
  • Do enjoy the forum and the associated web sites. 
Do Nots: 
  • Do Not respond to the tiny minority of people who use forums purely to annoy others for their own amusement - use the “Report Abuse” link. 
  • Do Not swear (even with ****s!), no swearing of any kind is allowed on this forum. 
  • Do Not post in a manner that is likely to offend others, disrupt the forum or just in general be unfriendly. 
  • Do Not copy and paste information from other sites. 
  • Do Not include any copyrighted material (text or photos) in your post unless you can prove you own that copyright. 
  • Do Not put any links in posts. 
  • Do Not “shout”; posts should be in a mixed case not solely in capital letters and use of exclamation and other punctuation marks should be limited and appropriate. 
  • Do Not get into personal arguments, if you feel you are being targeted use the “Report Abuse” link. 
  • Do Not put personal information; especially contact information in your posts. 
  • Do Not post deflamatory, harassing, bullying or unlawful comments, documents or images. 
Changes to these Rules 

Please note that these Rules may change from time to time. We expect most such changes will be minor. 

Each version of these Rules will be identified at the top of the page by its effective date, and we will also keep prior versions in an archive for review. 

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