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Benedunn Posted 31-Mar-2013 15:48


I'm new here and to hydrographics! Got tonnes to learn but I'll get it

I own a firm called rotary revs and build Mazda rotary engine, specialise in rx8's, rx7's etc so nothing paint or dipping based.

Reason I'm here? I'm building my new car and wanted something a little different stumbled upon this and though sod it how hard can it be ... Maybe I should have just sent the bits I wanted doing off but hey I like to,do it the hard and seemingly expensive way and knowing me probably won't stop until there's another big unit and tanks and bills and ... Oh god! Lol

Well anyway! Big shout out to terry who's already been a tremendous help via emails and I'd be nowhere at all if it weren't for his kind help when no one else would talk to me, figure I should get myself tapping away on here as a little return support

I'm sure I'll be picking everyone's brains more over time.

Cheers in advance

Ben Dunn

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